air filters and allergies

Filters and Allergies

Installing the right air filter for your HVAC system has its perks. For one, it will help you save money and energy, avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.  Furthermore, it could extend the life of your home heating system. Finally, it may also prevent your furnace from breaking down.

Most air filters are disposable, thus making it easier for you to keep track of their cleanliness and maintenance. There are also inexpensive ones, but we must remember that we must keep in mind the quality and not only the price when looking for filters. Problems that could mean you’re using the wrong air filter or not changing it regularly (every three months) include high utility bills, low indoor air quality, and an uncomfortable home.

Suppose your heating, cooling and air conditioning system, also known as an HVAC system, is not correctly and regularly maintained. In that case, there might … continue reading