HVAC – A Contributor in High Utility Bills

We tend to disregard the fact that despite turning off our equipment, will still draw power and thus contribute to energy consumption. It may simply draw small amounts of energy but if it persists, this gradual energy problem called “vampire energy” will result in the skyrocketing of your utility bills.

You can decrease warmth and power costs by taking a good look at your home and unplugging anything that is not in use. If it is an issue for you, you can connect things to a surge electrical extension and turn them off when you’re not using it.

The rise in power charge isn’t the main thing one should fear as the season … continue reading

A Guide to Purchasing a High Efficiency Heating System

Getting your home’s comfort systems can be pretty daunting for some consumers.  It is not as simple as entering a store and getting what you like based on what you see.  Purchasing a high efficiency heating system requires a lot more than just looking through a selection of gadgets and choosing what appeals to you most.  In fact, there are so many things to consider before you should finalize your purchase.  If you are one of the many consumers that needs help in getting the right high efficiency heating system for your home, then all you need to do is read on to find out more about what you need to know about … continue reading

How to Choose the Right Furnace

When you come home to an ever-increasingly cold house, you know it’s about time to find a new furnace. That being said there’s a big difference between knowing you need a furnace and knowing which model is right for you. There are a number of factors to take into account and this guide will help you narrow the furnace company  market down until the spotlight shines down from the heavens on the unit that is your perfect soulmate…for the next 15 years or so.

Decide What Furnace Components You Need

If you or a professional that you brought in made the executive decision that your existing furnace is officially referred to in the … continue reading

Combat Dry Winter Skin with an In-Home Humidifier System

Thoughts of winter season often bring about images of chapped lips and dry, cracked painful skin. Though snow topped mountains are beautiful, the cold air can quickly remove all moisture from your skin, leading you to itch, scratch, and feel uncomfortable all winter long. The solution, however, is quite a simple one! Leading Plumbers Edmonton professionals can visit your home and install a humidifier into your HVAC system.

The Damage Caused by Cold & Dry Air

A dry-air environment with low humidity levels indoors can be cause for concern for a number of reasons. For one, dry air can cause your skin to dry out, itch, and peel. In fact, your skin can … continue reading

Keep Warm by Preparing for Winter Storms

When it comes to harsh weather, there are many parts in Canada that struggle with this. The best advice is to be prepared prior to storm season. Each area has its own storm season so find out what it is for your area and plan ahead.  Here are some important things to keep in mind when preparing for a winter storm.

Believe it or not, the safest place for you to be during a storm is generally in your own house. It can be treacherous to travel and winds can be frigid causing skin damage and frostbite. Prepare your home before storm season by taking the proper steps to ensure that your home … continue reading

Using The Internet to Find an HVAC Professional

Where do you typically go when you are looking for help with your HVAC system? Although it helps to already have a good relationship with a professional, qualified HVAC company so you do not face problems in an emergency, it is not always possible and you need to start somewhere. Some people may wait until it is an emergency before finding a technician. In other situations, their preferred technician may have moved, retired, or is just unavailable. No matter the reason, you will inevitably reach a point where you need a new technician. Of course, the Internet is one of the best places to find a new technician.

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